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Broken Love - Part 1 J. C. Kristenson

Broken Love - Part 1

J. C. Kristenson

Kindle Edition
130 pages
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 About the Book 

A true story, starting in late 2011, about two lovers who found their way into each others arms, but have no clue what fate holds in store for them. Michael, a 23 year old nurse almost fresh out of nursing school, meets Jessi, a 29 year old medical assistant when he lands his dream job. It doesnt take long before these two mix their overly dramatic lives. Michael is just coming out of a long term relationship with his high school sweetheart. Jessi is married with two kids and finding that she is not as happy as she once was. Follow the dramatic journey full of lust, love, and lies as these two embark down a dark twisted path of love and pain.This is the first book in a series about a true story, featuring the real text messages between the two lovers. The names have been changed to protect identities, but the story, the texts, and the drama is all true.