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What She Knew Peter Filkins

What She Knew

Peter Filkins

Published May 15th 1998
ISBN : 9780914061663
62 pages
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 About the Book 

Besides language that reflects a sense of wonder at the world, Filkins excels in the lyrical pace of his poems and in the variety of poetic forms that feature unobtrusive rhyme. Sound contributes its share to the sense of the poems. Sometimes expressing the weight of both object and idea in a breathtakingly quick poem such as Snow Globe, Filkins also deftly maintains the lyrical music in his longer lines, slowing the pace but never losing the rhythm. The poetrys rhythm also complements the quiet rendering of experience in its language. Traveling in America weaves the countrys different accents and backgrounds into a flash of color, slowed only by a stranded drivers need for help. These are thoughtful poems that will leave you daydreaming.