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Johnny Profit Michael Malgeri

Johnny Profit

Michael Malgeri

Published February 20th 2011
Kindle Edition
32 pages
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 About the Book 

Johnny Profit bucks convention and takes the labels of guilt and greed out of honest profit making. It shows kids the value of mutually beneficial exchange and the pursuit of wealth. Parents will have a simple and fun way to provide their children a refreshing and alternative way of thinking about what really makes the world turn.Larry Kudlow, host of CNBCs The Kudlow ReportKids will learn from these. But adults would, too! Should be mandatory reading in Washington.Steve Forbes, Forbes MagazinePreface“Johnny Profit” has a single goal, which is to present the idea to young people that honest profit-making is good. Its not written in defense of ALL businesses since some can be unscrupulous. Rather it is written in honor of the vast majority of those businesses, large and small, dedicated to maintaining honesty and integrity in the pursuit of innovation, productivity, mutually beneficial exchange, wealth and happiness for all.The book is short and uses very simple language in a fictional setting to convey fundamental concepts in an easy to understand bedtime story. The hope is that children will learn concepts such as progress through “ideas,” “honest deal making,” and “honest profit-making” and fall asleep with a peaceful smile.